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PA Portal

The PA Portal is your source for class schedules, grades, school directories, library resources, and much more. The Family Profile, Medical Profile, and Directory preferences may be updated within the PA Portal at any time. School calendars are available to be synced with personal calendars streamlining the flow of event, athletic, and assignment information. Grades for the current school year and years prior are viewable at any time. 

Watch this Portal Overview video to see all that is available, and utilize the brief videos contained in each FAQ below to learn more about each portion of the Parent Portal. 

Calendars are available for you to subscribe to and sync school content with your personal calendar. Options include:

  • Student specific assignments
  • Student specific schedule
  • Household calendars
  • Athletic calendars by team
  • School wide events 

The videos below show the same steps from the desktop and mobile versions of the portal. 



Several assignment views are available in the Parent Portal including an integrated view with the Household week at a glance, a student specific assignment calendar, and subject specific assignments in list form.

For Middle and Upper School students, a current average and score breakdown is always available. All students have grade reports available at designated marking periods and historic reports are on hand for parents as well. 

For all students, the rotation day for their grade level's schedule is viewable on the week at a glance and School Calendar. Each student has a Daily Schedule button that displays their order and time of classes for the date selected. This schedule view will also show associated events and assignments for the day as well as a current location indicator. 

Household demographic information can be edited by any custodial parent using the Family Profile on the Portal homepage.

Students in grades 5-12 have their own Portal log in that takes them to most of the same content, including their current class averages and daily schedule, in a slightly different layout than the parent view. Student accounts are synced with their school managed Google account. Students may stop by the Learning Commons or ask any teacher if they are having trouble accessing their account.

All custodial parents in the school database will have an account generated by default. If additional parents need to be added or if you need assistance accessing your account, email Technology Director Diane Lafferty at [email protected].



Email [email protected], our Technology Director, with additional questions you may have about the Portal.