PA Family Resource Center

PA Family Resource Center

Welcome to Pulaski Academy! This Family Resource Center page will serve as your one-stop-shop for important dates, classroom supplies, ways to get involved, and all of the tools needed to ensure a smooth transition before your student's first day.

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The PA Portal 

The PA Portal is your source for class schedules, grades, school directories, library resources, and much more. The Family Profile, Medical Profile, and Directory preferences may be updated within the PA Portal at any time. 

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Upcoming Events 

Important Contacts 

President 604-1915Upper School 604-1965
Academic Dean 604-1909Technology 604-1933
Early Childhood School 604-1930Communications 604-1903
Lower School 604-1919Athletics 604-0056
Middle School 604-1936Counseling 604-1941

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