Early Childhood School

The Early Childhood School (Cub Academy-Kindergarten) is where it all begins at Pulaski Academy! It is a warm and happy place where each day is designed to provide the foundation for success in PA’s college preparatory curriculum.

The focus of our program offering is a Reggio Emilia inspired curriculum that provides opportunities for early childhood students to increase their critical thinking skills in every aspect of our program throughout the day.  

Younger Years Classroom


  • Our program includes regularly scheduled integrated studies which include Spanish, music, art, physical education/movement, library, and STEAM, each taught by teachers that are specifically trained in these disciplines.

  • Students visit our STEAM Lab where subjects are approached using sensory and practical techniques, which allow for a fun, engaging, and age-appropriate experience.  Cubs olds attend once a week and PK3 - Kindergarteners attend twice a week.

  • Each Cub – Kindergarten classroom has a lead teacher and assistant teacher, which allows for a low student/teacher ratio and time for individualized attention.

  • Our teachers complete quarterly individualized assessments to inform developmental progress of each student.

  • We highly value our close working relationships with our families. This partnership is fostered through ongoing, personal communication as well as multiple conferences each year.

  • Collaborative grade level teaching teams work together to build continuity and wide perspective in planning curriculum and programming.

  • Ongoing faculty professional development ensuring relevant and timely best practice application of research-based teaching strategies and curriculum development.

  • Specialized learning support guided by expert faculty for students needing specified learning accommodations.

  • We thoroughly enjoy being a part of the larger school community.  The ECS participate in fun and engaging activities such as pep rallies, author visits, plays, concerts, senior brothers and sisters and more!

ECS Curriculum