Our Programs

Our Programs

  • Grades: PreK (2.5 years old) through 12th grade
  • Number of AP courses offered: 21
  • Number of honors courses offered: 12
  • Percentage of students accepted to college: 100%
  • Extensive college advising

Mission: Inspiring Students to Explore, Create, Contribute and Achieve

The hallmark of an excellent college-preparatory school is its innovative and vibrant educational program. At Pulaski Academy our education Program is driven by our mission, “Inspiring students to Explore, Create, Contribute and Achieve.” Although the interpretation of the mission changes as students move through our Early Childhood School, Lower School, Middle School and Upper School, our ultimate goal is to provide inspiring opportunities and the appropriate structure for our students to grow into self-reliant, successful students prepared to take their education and talents to each new level. 

Our educational program embraces a balanced approach with strong academics and a strong extracurricular program. In addition to electives in STEM and the humanities, opportunities in technology, art, music, sports and clubs abound.  We are confident that that Pulaski Academy graduates are exceptionally well prepared for college, well prepared to serve as leaders in their chosen fields, and well prepared to appreciate the world and culture around them. 

Our Emphasis

  • Critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills
  • Preparation for life in a technologically-based, global society
  • High standards for academic performance, personal effort, and ethical behavior
  • Our core values: Excellence, Integrity, Respect, and Responsibility
  • A sense of personal and community responsibility
  • Respect for cultural differences
  • Mentor relationships between faculty and students
  • Strong parent-school relationships