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How to watch the championship football game

You have two options: come to the game or watch the broadcast.

Watch the Broadcast

The AAA reserves the broadcast rights and has sold those to AETN. So for those in Arkansas, you can watch the game on your local PBS station or at Outside of Arkansas you'll have to watch on the NFHS Network online ($).


Tickets are $7 and must be purchased online at

Pulaski Academy loves sharing our achievements and events with our community and friends. Below, you'll find our most recent broadcasts.


How can I watch PA Live on my TV?

Watching PA Live on your computer is too simple, just click play on one of the videos above. But if you want to watch on your TV, here's how:

  1. Make sure you have a device (smart TV, AppleTV, Roku, ChromeCast, etc) that has the YouTube app and is connected to the internet.
  2. Subscribe to the PA Live channel by clicking here:
  3. Open the YouTube app on your TV and make sure you are logged in to YouTube. If you subscribed in step 2, then you'll see the latest videos added to your subscribed channels right away. The next time PA Live is on-the-air, our broadcast should be one of the first things you see.