Pulaski Academy’s Humanities classes consist of English and Social Science enrichment programs with integrated learning experiences.

From fostering our Early Childhood School students to learn about their community, to guiding Upper School students in their senior thesis, our curriculum expands our students’ understanding of the world around them through various literature studies, field trips, guest visits, and other thought-explorative lessons.

Language Arts 

Our Language Arts instruction is based on best practices and current research in the areas of comprehension, word study, writing, and speaking. Teachers user anchor books to model examples of comprehension strategies and literary elements. Writing workshop parallels reading workshop and students are supported individually and in small groups. Grammar instruction is integrated into the writing workshop in the form of featured mini lessons where students are expected to connect the lesson to their ongoing writing pieces and demonstrate understanding authentically. 

Humanities Lab 

Beginning in first grade, students attend a Humanities Lab once a week, and in third and fourth grade, attend these labs twice a week. Social Studies and literacy content are integrated into a lab experience where students explore a rich study of community history, culture, and sustainability. Students study economics, civics, and geography through the exploration of our state, nation and focus on international study of a continent each school year.

Additionally, giving back to the community is part of the Humanities community service project where each class help others in their immediate community. Students have an opportunity to experience the direct impact of volunteerism and how they can make a positive contribution to the community around them.