Onward Together

Onward Together: 

Welcoming Home our PA Family 

Update 1/12/2021 

Dear Families,

The ADH and ADE have updated their guidance in regards to quarantine, return timelines, and all things related for students in grades K-12. Following you will find a cut and paste that outlines these recent directives, explanations for such, and priorities for those managing schools during these challenging times. We will be implementing these new policies effective immediately. Please be on the lookout for communication from Todd Ross if these temporary changes impact your family.

In light of recent numbers, it is evident that with the spread of Omicron, districts are working feverishly, but unable to keep up with reporting requirements. Because of this, the flexibility for prioritized response to COVID-19 is needed. The ADH and ADE are making the following temporary changes to the requirements for case investigation for districts to include the following:

First Priority: Identifying positive cases and reporting those cases to the ADH, as well as excluding those cases from the school setting.

Second Priority: Identifying individuals with symptoms and removing them from the school setting to be tested.

Third Priority: Contact tracing those individuals in the school who are obvious contacts to positive cases and getting them off campus for the recommended quarantine period. For the time being, those individuals need NOT be reported to the ADH on the PCC form.

In addition, any district that has a universal mask requirement in place can forego identifying close contacts in their district with the exception of situations of high transmission such as extracurricular activities where individuals are unmasked and in close proximity to one another. Since all encounters between infected individuals and others in these districts should occur with both parties properly wearing masks, districts can focus on identifying if any unmasked close contacts occurred and then dealing with those occurrences.

We know that schools are working very hard to deal with cases and control spread. We hope that working in order of the above priorities will alleviate the reporting burden and allow you to stay up with the most important priorities. Later, as the surge in your district subsides and your ability to report improves, ADH and ADE expect the reporting of PCCs to resume.

Students Cubs through PK4 will continue to follow the guidelines set by the Department of Human Services. As always please know we will adjust accordingly as the situation here at PA, in AR, and across the country evolves.

Onward together,

Brock Dunn 
President and Head of School

Guidance for school campus COVID-19 policies are from the following sources:

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The processes outlined in each document are subject to change as developments occur.

PA Family Resource Center 

Please vist the PA Family Resource Center for details regarding important dates, classroom supplies, ways to get involved, and all of the tools needed to ensure a smooth transition before your student's first day.

PA Family Resource Center

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