The Pulaski Academy Bruin Backers exist for the purpose of broadening the involvement of students, student families, the Pulaski Academy staff, other interested individuals and businesses, through the support for student activities of the inter-school athletic programs. The Pulaski Academy Bruin Backers work to achieve this through active participation of parents and other volunteers in the Pulaski Academy Bruin programs, working closely with the coaches, Athletic Director, President and Head of School, Head of Finance, and other Pulaski Academy volunteer associations, for the benefit of all athletic programs:
  • To support, promote, and maintain a high standard of integrity and good sportsmanship in all athletic activities.
  • To foster and promote good will and fraternal spirit among the members.
  • To promote and encourage attendance at sports activities by students, parents, friends and faculty of Pulaski Academy.
  • To promote and encourage young men and women to become involved in athletics, either as an active participant or as a volunteer assistant.
  • To be the primary group of people, working in conjunction with the Athletic Director, involved in raising funds to be used for the benefit of Pulaski Academy’s athletic programs.
  • To assist the athletic department by volunteering services such as chain gang crews, gate workers, timers, concessions volunteers, or any similar activity approved by the athletic department.
The Bruin Backers would like to thank the following Platinum and Gold members for their support:
    2015 - 2016
    Platinum Members

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ator
    Ms. Rosie Bartholomew
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bratcher
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Brooks
    Mr. and Mrs. Burkhalter 
    Dr. and Mrs. Scott Davis
    Mr. and Mrs.Scot Davis
    Mr. and Mrs.Timothy Dudley
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Halpin
    Dr. and Mrs. William Hefley
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Holbert
    Mr. and Mrs. Blake James
    Mr. and Mrs. William James
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Wes Kirtley
    Dr. and Mrs. David Kolb
    Dr. and Mrs. Carl Leding
    Dr. and Mrs Edward Love
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark McCarty
    Dr. Kris Martin
    Mr. and Mrs. Matt Nosler
    Mr. and Mrs. Arby Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. Joey Wiggins
    Mr. and Mrs. Todd Witham
    Gold Memberships

    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Alguire
    Mr. and Mrs. Bennefield       
    Mr. and Mrs. Berg
    Mr. and Mrs. Bishop
    Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Bruffett
    Mr. and Mrs. Greg Hatcher
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Landers
    Mr.and Mrs. Pruss
    Mr. and Mrs. Danny Scruggs
    Mr. and Mrs. Casey Semmler
    Dr. Amy Eble and Dr. Brian Eble
    Bruin Backers Board 2017-18
    Jason Walton
    JC Halsell
    VP Marketing
    Tonya Marotti
    VP Volunteers
    Paige Bratcher
    VP Volunteers
    Laura Titus
    VP Logistics                
    Cindy Kolb
    Public Relations         
    Lin Schuster
    Lacey Caldwell
    Special Projects         
    Chris Jones
    Michelle Waugh
    Member at Large       
    Jim Alguire
    (President Ex-Officio)
    Member at Large       
    Kenna James
    Member at Large       
    John Engskov
    Head of Finance        
    Don Swanson
    Athletic Director        
    Kevin Kelley