Admission Process for 2.5 (Cub Academy), 3-Year Olds, 4-Year Olds and Kindergarten

Complete Application:
The admission process begins when we receive a completed application form. Each section of the application must be completed and each question must be answered. If a question does not apply, please insert N/A. The Parental Statements are particularly important as PA is committed to maintaining a quality relationship with you, and therefore, your opinions of the parent/school partnership are crucial.

Application Fee of $50 (non-refundable):
The application, along with the $50 application fee (non-refundable) (checks should be made payable to Pulaski Academy), shall be returned to the Admission Office. A portfolio cannot be considered until the application and application fee are received.

Academic Transcripts or Report Cards
Please provide any progress reports or a skill check lists completed by a teacher. Simply let us know if you do not have these reports.

Standardized Tests:
If your child has taken a pre-school standardized test, please provide the results to the Admission Office. Simply let us know if you do not have results of a standardized test.

Teacher Evaluation:
Please have your child’s current pre-school or daycare teacher complete the evaluation entitled Teacher Evaluation: Early Childhood. The teacher should return the evaluations directly to the Pulaski Academy Admission Office. If you are applying during the Early Admission Program, do not have the teacher complete the evaluation until November 1. If your child is not attending pre-school or a daycare center, an interview or observation with the child shall be required.

Note: To ensure confidentiality, the teacher(s) must mail or fax completed evaluation form(s) directly to the Admission Office.

Interview or Observation:
A classroom observation is required if a teacher evaluation is not provided. However, in an effort to make a decision in the applicant’s best interest, even when an evaluation is provided, an observation may be requested. Observations are usually an hour to two hours long and additional observations may be requested. Moreover, the admission office can observe your child in his or her current school.

Writing samples:
Not required.

Toilet Trained:
All students in the 3 year old through Kindergarten programs must be toilet trained prior to starting school.

Decision letters will be mailed immediately following the Admission Committee meetings in December and February, or any called special committee session.