Tip 2: Determining the Best Fit

As students and parents begin the search for the right type of school, first define what's important for the child and then what type of information you'll need in order to determine if the school is the best fit for the child and the family:

  • What are my/my child's interests and strengths?
  • Does class size and teacher-student ratio provide me/my child with meaningful interaction?
  • Is there a comprehensive and cohesive academic program that is sequential at every grade level?
  • Will the academic program stretch and prepare me/my child for the next level of learning?
  • How are faculty, staff, administrators, and coaches involved in my/my child's learning experience?
  • How are parents involved in their child's education?
  • Will the co- and extra-curricular offerings match or broaden my/my child's interests?
  • How does the school encourage me/my child to develop their potential beyond the classroom?
  • Is this a school where students thrive on learning?
  • Are there opportunities for parents to be involved and informed?
  • Are graduates well prepared for college?
We are confident that PA will not merely meet your expectations, but it will exceed them tenfold, equipping your child with a solid knowledge base and a well-rounded perspective to face the world head on and succeed.