Financial Aid

Financial Aid FAQ

List of 17 frequently asked questions.

  • Q.
    I have completed the financial aid application with SSS (submitted online), what do I do now?

    Please refer to "STEP TWO" on the front of the Affordability page of the PA Website.

    Immediately after submitting your online application to SSS, complete the SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION FINANCIAL AID APPLICATION (SOFAA) FOR 2016-2017 (LOCATED ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE AFFORDABILITY SECTION OF THE PA WEBSITE UNDER “IMPORTANT FINANCIAL AID DOCUMENTS.)  SSS will consider this as a “INSTITUTIONAL AID FORM." Your application will not be processed without this form.

    CLICK on the SOFAA document in the “IMPORTANT FINANCIAL AID DOCUMENTS” section to open the form. If your form DOES NOT open as a pdf, click the “Open With Different Viewer” button in the top right corner of the window and open the file as a pdf. This will allow you to complete the form on your desktop. You can also RICHT CLICK and select “SAVE LINK AS” and then save a copy to your desktop (MAKE SURE YOU RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE THE PDF TO YOUR DESKTOP - IF NOT, THE DOCUMENT MIGHT NOT DISPLAY AS WRITABLE). 

    Open your saved copy and complete it (this is a writable pdf and can be completed on your desktop). Once completed, make sure to SAVE AGAIN so that it can then be uploaded to SSS. SSS PROVIDES INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO UPLOAD THIS DOCUMENT TO YOUR ACCOUNT.  

    ***Some browsers are a little slower in opening pdf documents and may take several seconds.  Please be patient!

    PLEASE CHECK THE SSS WEBSITE FOR DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS.  If you mail this form, please periodically check your SSS account to be sure it has been received. Again, SSS will call the SOFAA Form an "Institutional Aid Form".


    In addition . . .

    Please forward a copy of the SOFAA form directly to Janie Shirey in Office of Enrollment at Pulaski Academy.  If you complete the writable pdf on your desktop, there is an “EMAIL TO PA” button at the top of the form. By clicking this button, your email client will be opened and the form automatically attached. You can also manually forward to Janie via email at
    Aid applications will be processed ONLY if this form is received by SSS and the Office of Enrollment.

    When forwarding a copy of the SOFAA form to Pulaski Academy, send to:
    Janie Shirey - Admission Assistant
    Fax: 501-255-1801

    NEXT . . .

    Please refer to "STEP THREE" on the front of the Affordability section of the PA Website.

    To complete the application process for financial aid, each applicant must forward to SSS (not PA) a signed 2016 US Tax Return with all supporting schedules, including all W-2's and 1099's (and all Business/Farm Statements when applicable) for all household wage earners.

    For applicants that apply before March 1st
    , all tax documents must be forwarded to SSS before March 1st.

    For applicants applying on or after March 1st, all tax documents must be forwarded to SSS one week after completing the online SSS application and submitting to PA the Commitment Form for Financial Aid.
    You may upload or mail to your documents to SSS. If you mail your documents be sure to attach the COVER SHEET that was made available during your application for aid. You may access your account online to recover the Cover Sheet.

    For more information on forwarding your tax document to SSS please contact:  SSS at 1-800-344-8328
    Mail PFS and required tax documents to:
    School and Student Services
    PO Box 449
    Randolph, MA 02368-0449

    IMPORTANT: Please download and read ALL the documents located on the right hand column of this page.

    Financial Aid awards are not official and credited to your PA account until all signed forms and schedules have been received by School and Student Services (SSS). Please note that filing an extension will not be accepted in place of the form 1040 and will jeopardize the timing and amount of any possible award of financial aid.
  • Q.
    What if I can not provide my US Returns?

    For those that can not provide your US returns at this time, you still may receive an award, however, your award will be subject to adjustments after SSS receives and enters your documentation. If you are filing an extension, or you have not completed your tax returns, but you have received your W-2’s, print a cover sheet from and mail them to SSS.
  • Q.
    How do I check to see if I may be eligible to receive financial aid from PA?

    After about 7 to 9 business days after you submitted your application online, you can login to your account to view your “Family Report -- Report of Family Contribution”.
  • Q.
    How do I view my “Family Report -- Report of Family Contribution”?

    Once you have completed and paid for your Parents’ Financial Statement, you can view a “Report of Family Contribution” that summarizes the information that SSS used to estimate your family’s ability to contribute to educational expenses. To view your “Family Report - Report of Family Contribution,” follow these steps:
    Once you have successfully logged in to your account, from the "Check Application Status" page, click on the link called “View Report of Family Contribution – Family Report.” On this report, you will see the Estimated Family Contribution, or, “EFC”, that SSS provides to PA. The Estimated Family Contribution is the result of a review of your previous year’s income and current net worth and the application of various allowances for necessary expenditures. Final financial aid decisions are made by a financial aid committee and are based on factors such as cost of attendance, the school’s financial aid budget, and the school’s specific policies.
  • Q.
    Okay, I have found my EFC amount, how do I find out if I have a “financial need”?

    If your EFC is less than PA’s tuition, then you have a financial need. The amount of the difference [EFC – Tuition = Difference] is the amount of your financial need. However, if your EFC is more than the PA’s tuition, then SSS is saying you do not have an expressed need.
  • Q.
    Will I receive 100% of my financial need as determined by SSS?

    No. In some cases when the amount of need is less than 50% of PA’s tuition, the award may be close to 100% of your stated financial need. If it is above 50% of tuition, the award may get close, however, will generally not be equal to 100% of your need.
  • Q.
    If my SSS report indicates that I DO NOT have a need for financial aid or the amount of need SSS indicates that I have is not enough for me to attend PA, then am I out of luck?

    ABSOUTELY NOT! You should submit a letter to The Office of Enrollment at PA requesting the Financial Aid Committee to re-consider your application. Enclose a financial statement indicating you monthly total net household income, along with a detailed list of your monthly expenses (in the form of a balance sheet listing your total net income and then subtract from that your detailed list of your expenses) yielding a total for Monthly Discretionary Income (you can find an example of this in the box under "IMPORTANT FINANCIAL AID DOCUMENTS" on the Affordability page of the PA Website). Also, please describe in detail any special circumstances that you may be experiencing at this time. The Financial Aid Committee will then review this information, along with your SSS application.
  • Q.
    What if my child plays sports, can he/she still receive financial aid?

    Yes, as long as your SSS report indicates that you have a need. However, the Arkansas Activities Association will NOT ALLOW a student who DID NOT QUALIFY for financial aid based on his/her SSS application play in any school sport OR athletic activity.
  • Q.
    Will I be considered for financial aid by the Financial Aid Committee if I have not paid my deposit, for re-enrollment or for being accepted, to PA?

    No. You must be enrolled in order to be considered for financial aid. To be considered “enrolled”, you must have completed and returned the student enrollment contract and paid the deposit.
  • Q.
    What if I still owe for costs to attend PA for the past or current school year?

    You will not be considered for an award if you owe a balance for a prior year’s tuition. You must submit a payment plan to the Business Office, and adhere to this agreement, in order to be considered for an award.
  • Q.
    What if I pay my deposit, for re-enrollment or for being accepted, along with the enrollment contract and I do not receive enough financial aid to attend PA, can I get my deposit back?

    That depends. If you pay the full deposit of $750, but then determine after you receive a financial aid award that you cannot attend PA for financial reasons, you will be refunded $650, thus $100 is non-refundable. If you pay less than the full $750 deposit, the amount of deposit you paid will not be refunded.
  • Q.
    When will I know how much aid I may receive from the school?

    The Office of Enrollment and Financial Aid will begin distributing award letters as early as possible, normally before May.  Applications received after May will receive award letters on a rolling basis –based on the time that the student is officially accepted and enrolled in PA and all required information is submitted and reviewed by SSS, and the application is reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee.
  • Q.
    Does the money I will be awarded for financial aid come from SSS?

    No. The money comes from the School and is only applied towards tuition –not books, building fund, or any other costs associated with attending PA. Thus, your award will be credited to the amount you are billed for tuition. PA does not grant awards equal to 100% of tuition; therefore you will be required to pay some costs to attend.
  • Q.
    SSS tells me that I need to supply them with an Institutional Aid Application Document –what is this document?

    This document is entitled School/Organization Financial Aid Application (SOFAA). This form must be completed and forwarded to SSS immediately after you have completed your SSS application.  In addition, a copy must be sent to the Admission Office.  Financial Aid applications will not be processed until the SOFAA Form has been forwarded to SSS and a copy sent to the Admission Office. You may find this form on PA’s web site HERE.
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    Need more information?

    Visit the SSS website FAQ section HERE.
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    Who do I contact for questions about my application and documents to forward?

    SSS Customer Service for Families -they have extensive online help with the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS). But if parents have any additional questions as they apply, they can contact the SSS Customer Service Center. Assistance is available in English as well as Spanish.
    Call 800-344-8328 (Mon-Fri: 9 am - 8 pm. Sat: 9 am - 4 pm). If you are calling from outside of the United States or Canada, dial 952-967-9922.
  • Q.
    Who do I contact if I have questions about my award?

    Please call the Office of Enrollment and Financial Aid at 604.1923. All other questions should be directed to SSS using the phone numbers, website and email address listed above.