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Welcome to PA and our website! As you peruse our web site, I invite you to consider that… 
  • PA’s Vision to be the “leader in innovative education” and our Mission “to inspire students to explore, create, contribute, and achieve” animate everything we do. We seek an exciting and relevant 21st Century balance among the traditional 3 R’s (Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic), digital literacy, and the timeless skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, creativity, and cross-cultural understanding. We are always seeking to blend tradional best practices with the most cutting edge approaches. 
  • PA offers a deep and varied educational program to our students, one that includes a vibrant and motivational classroom experience coupled with a wealth of extra-curricular opportunities for almost any interest and talent.
  • As committed as we are to offering a broad and relevant education to our students, PA’s core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, and excellence permeate all that we do here. 
  • Beyond our traditional success indicators of great college admissions and standardized testing results, PA is focused on the growth of every individual student in our community. At PA, our faculty, teachers, coaches, and administrators partner with families to get to know our students as the wonderful individuals they are and to make the most of their natural gifts in an environment that is challenging, supportive, and exciting all at the same time!
  • As students develop interest in certain areas, we leverage this passion to expand their sensibilities and skills. Since our students learn in different ways, our teachers employ a variety of approaches and pay close attention, both to the dynamics of the class as a whole and to how individual students seem to learn best. Of course, the ultimate goal is for students to appreciate the value of learning for its own sake and not just for its utility or direct application.
  • At PA, we communicate proactively with our families so that student progress can be encouraged and sustained, setbacks can be minimized, and minor issues can be quickly settled before they become bigger problems.
I strongly encourage a personal visit to PA. A web site, no matter how thorough, cannot adequately convey the warmth, inclusiveness, care, and concern that students and their families experience here. We look forward to seeing you soon.
Sincerely yours,

Matthew J. Walsh
President and Head of School
Matthew J. Walsh, President and Head of School
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