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PA At a Glance
Grades: PreK (2.5 years old) through 12th grade
Number of AP courses offered: 22
Number of honors courses offered: 12
Percentage of students accepted to college: 100%
Extensive college advising
Pulaski Academy's PreK-12 Curriculum emphasizes
Critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills

Preparation for life in a technologically-based, global society

High standards for academic performance, personal effort, and ethical behavior

Our core values: Excellence, Integrity, Respect, and Responsibility

A sense of personal and community responsibility

Respect for cultural differences

Mentor relationships between faculty and students

Strong parent-school relationships
The hallmark of an excellent college-preparatory school is its challenging, vibrant curriculum. At Pulaski Academy, the educational journey begins in our Early Childhood School and Lower School with teaching strategies and programs based on nationally recognized best practices and content standards. Our ECS and LS programs provide a scope and sequence that ensure an excellent foundation in the core areas, as well explorations in areas such as art, music, technology, and foreign language. In addition, optional after-school and summer extra-curricular programs serve to supplement our core classes and offer families a multitude of educational and fun opportunities in a safe and convenient environment.

At the Middle School level, our students continue to development their learning skills and increase their personal knowledge through a Pre-Advanced Placement level core curriculum and the introduction of exploratory and elective classes. In addition, content-specific organizations, athletics, and performing arts allow students to follow their interests while developing their individual talents. Each MS grade level has it own unique set of supplemental field trips and activities aimed at developing the child socially, artistically, physically and intellectually. Our core values of Excellence, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility are an integral part of the Middle School curriculum.

Intellectual exploration expands in our Upper School as faculty members guide students in refining their research, problem-solving, and communication skills. The breadth and depth of the curriculum allows students to pursue their interests while engaging in meaningful classes rich with a variety of learning experiences. An expanded global outlook challenges students to deepen their understanding of a variety of cultures and political issues. In addition, our community service program encourages students to look beyond themselves to the needs of others in their immediate community. Our goal at Pulaski Academy is to equip our students to be successful in their college endeavors and to serve as intellectual and ethical leaders in a global community.
Faculty Spotlight