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Tuition and Fees

TUTION AND FEES FOR 2014-2015 International Students
TUITION FOR 2014-2015
International Students

Application Fee:   $300
Tuition:   $24,783
Tuition is all inclusive and covers the cost of books (books must be purchased from the Books and Bruins Store), the building fund fee, and school fees. Also included are the costs for an afterschool ESL Instructor (minimum of 2.0 hours weekly) and an afterschool personal Study Skills Supervisor/International Academic Student Liaison (minimum of 2 weekly). The students are requested to arrive in Little Rock at least two weeks early so that these instructors can begin tutoring before school starts. Also included are classroom related charges, placement testing, school required testing, online computer and internet services (including internet connections, computer lab, and email services), a year book and one package of school photos. Other additional service included is the generation and maintenance of the student’s I-20 and F-1 visa (as required by the U.S. governmental agencies regulating immigrations: Student and Exchange Service Program (SEVIS), and Home Land Security).
Payment Plans:
Acceptance Deposit – A $750 deposit is due upon acceptance. This amount is a pre-payment of tuition and reduces the future tuition payment by $750. If the student does not obtain an F-1 visa, and sufficient proof is provided that the American Consulate rejected the request for a visa, $500 will be refunded. Moreover, on January 25 of each year a $750 deposit is required to enroll the student for the next school year –this is called a “re-enrollment deposit.”
Tuition Payment Plans – Tuition is due before the student starts school.
Plan 1 - Families may forward by wire transfer half of the tuition on or before July 1 and the remaining half of tuition fee by December 1. There will be an added $200 fee if any payment is late.
Plan 2 - Families may forward the total tuition on or before July 1.
You may email for the wire transfer information.

Allowance: Each international student will need personal funds provided by the family to cover discretionary social activities that they wish to attend. We recommend $25 to $45 per week.

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