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Senior Staff & Academic Team

Senior Staff
Matt Walsh
President and Head of School
(501) 604-1915
Year Appointed: 2012

Leesa Renshaw
Head of Academics & Student Life
(501) 604-1909
Year Appointed: 2002

Don Swanson
Head of Finance and Investments
(501) 604-1917
Year Appointed: 1995
B.S. Arkansas Tech University

Gregg Ledbetter
Head of Enrollment and Financial Aid
(501) 604-1923
Year Appointed: 1993

Leanna Wall
Head of Advancement
Year Appointed: 2013
Academic Team
Tim Johnson
Head of the Upper School
(501) 604-1965
Year Appointed: 2010
M.Ed. Lincoln Memorial University
B.A. Vanderbilt University

Alecia Castleberry
US Dean of Students; US Science Teacher
(501) 604-1965
Year Appointed: 2001
M.S. University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
B.S. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Cheryl Watts
Director of College Counseling
(501) 604-1941
Year Appointed: 1976
M.Ed. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
B.S.E. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Justin Robken
Head of Middle School
(501) 604-1943
Year Appointed: 2012

Noel Brewster
Head of ECS and Lower School
(501) 604-1919
Year Appointed: 2012

Tiffany Knight
Assistant Head of LS/Director of ECS
(501) 604-0024
Year Appointed: 1997